Workplace Sustainability

Workplace Sustainability
Words by Kate

Our Commitment to Green Initiatives

plants in nursery

Photography by Nic Kane.

plants in pots on floor

Interior planting, LUSH. All plants were re-homed in pots already owned by the company as part of a sustainability initiative. Photography by Nic Kane.

plants in pots in seating area

Photography by Nic Kane.

  1. Convert to the Cloud. Cloud computing allows businesses to not only be streamlined and allow for flexible working, but reduces the amount of paper and ink used.
  2. Travel with technology. Do you need to cross the city for a coffee meeting, or would a Skype/teleconference suffice? This can reduce both costs and carbon emissions.
  3. Nurture nature. Use nature to your advantage to increase happiness, decrease bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. Open a window instead of using air conditioning, or if it’s an option, switch off the lights and use natural lighting. You can even bring in a few potted plants for office décor rather than purchasing fast fashion accessories.
  4. Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Every bottle, cup and straw adds up. Recycle what you can, when you can. Invest in a keep cup and reusable bottle, maybe even have a fine jar that anyone caught with a plastic bottle or coffee cup in the office contributes £1 to (this can fund your next staff social!)
  5. Tap into tech. Sustainability is such a big focus at the moment that many companies are capitalising on it and coming up with new products and technology to impact the world in a positive way. A simple google search provides a plethora of choices, from tree planting search engines, add-ons for your online shopping that donate to charity from the corporate pocket, right through to investment apps that only channel your change into sustainable investments/companies.